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Bald Knob High School Quiz Bowl


Records and Statistics
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The 2000 season is over, but we're gearing up for next year.  2001 team members should meet in Ms. Roberts' classroom Wednesdays from 2-4 p.m. Alumni welcome.


Team members pose on the Arkansas Educational Television Network's soundstage after winning third place in the State Overall competition in April.  Check out the rest of our site to learn how the rest of our season was. 


Who We Are

Can you name the capital of any country? Can you spit out the atomic number for an element on command? Do you think of Trivial Pursuit as a cut-throat game with lots of action? That's the kind of people we are, which is why we spend hours outside of class answering questions about things we should have forgotten long ago or never known in the first place.

Our fearless leaders, Mr. Bill Davis and Ms. Bradi Roberts, inspired us to aim for the national competition in Chicago this year with the promise of attending if we made the final four in Arkansas.  We won three tournaments this year, placed third overall in the state, and thirty-sixth in the nation.

Our team is comprised of ninth through twelfth grade students who have demonstrated exceptional academic prowess, the ability to commit large amounts of seemingly useless information to memory, and the willingness to abandon their personal lives in pursuit of academic excellence. We practice two days a week and compete as often as we can. During the spring semester we devote eighty minutes a day to an academic studies course in which we drill each other on quiz bowl questions. Find out more about us on the pages listed on the navigation bar to the left.

How We Study


Burlington High School Scholars Bowl, Burlington Vermont
Fort Smith-Northside High School Quiz Bowl, Fort Smith, AR 



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